Friday, 18 February 2011

First pictures of the shadow puppets

I have put a few pictures of the shadow puppet action stills that were shot as a demonstration to see how successful we could make this.  Please excuse the slow running of the pictures I am working with an old laptop and movie maker and can lay no claim to being an expert.  (That's Rhyan and Lauren's job!!)

Even though these are rough I am pleased with the way the puppets moved and excited by the colour gel used in Mrs Henderson.  The trapeze was created using a piece of wool and the flow makes the action more believable.  We are working together to create more background for the circus scenes and then the puppets can perform in a more exciting environment.


  1. this has worked really well !!
    just needs to be refined and all though you said it was time consuming it looks like its gone a long way

  2. This took us an hour to shoot the two scenes so I don't think it was massively time consuming for the great effects that can be achieved. I was really pleased with the outcome.