Monday, 7 February 2011

ring master ideas/research

I started by researching ring masters what they wear who they are where they are from ect.

The first thing I thought of was a top hat, red coat and moustache remember the ringmaster is the most important performer in the circus and is often the owner and artistic director In the film Big Fish starring Danny Da Vito he plays a ring master and if i remember is a werewolf his character is very interesting and there are a lot of odd circus 'freaks' below is a link to a circus scene in the film
Also has we now have specific characters I have chosen to design a shadow puppet using Mr kite as my character if that is all right with every one ? Apologies if my first blog is awful didnt really know what to write.


  1. Sounds great if you want to do Mr Kite, Rhyan and myself are doing horse, band and the hendersons. We are bringing 2 designs each for the face of the ringmaster in on Thursday to finalise so we can start making them next week. General feeling is slightly dark Burtonesque quality with prominent striking eyes. We are going to book the seminar room next week to try a few of the shadow puppets out to see how successful they are before committing lots of time to them.

  2. ahh sounds good i have done 3 quick sketches of ringmasters its really difficult not to make them menacing they end up looking very beady eyed and sinister i am currently looking at differnt types of shaddow puppetry I have a book 'Shadow theatre and shadow films' 'Lotte Reiniger' will bring it in so you can see they show shadow puppets and hand shadow puppets it also contains animals and horses so really relievent