Friday, 18 February 2011

Ring leader puppet head

Hi I was wondering if you could give me any improvements or critisism for the puppet head, I feel it needs something but am unsure about what that is...?


  1. Rhyan that looks excellent!!!! As to what is missing obviously a moustache which I am making as I blog and I am almost tempted to see what false eyelashes might look like on him (I have some at home!!!) it could make it even freakier. The colouring is great maybe try it under a light at home and see if it bleaches out at all - if so just accentuate the highlights and shade. It looks just fine in the picture. Fabulous fabulous fabulous x

  2. aw I'm glad you like it, and thank you for making the moustache.
    After I blogged I was thinking exactly the same about the false eyelashes, so it would be great if you could bring them in, if not let me know and I'll pop into Chatham.

  3. Just looked the eyelashes out and they have diamante's on them........maybe a tad too much???? If you get a plain pair then we can try them both out and see what looks best.