Monday, 9 May 2011

Ceramic Heaters

I have a few ideas for the heaters based on research photographs.

This plainer style heater would be perfect for the study in a monotone colour such as green or brown.  It would have been a small room and not required a large heater - we could incorporate a repeated image representing death on the tiles.

The drawing room would have required a larger heater and was also the place that guests were brought to be entertained and therefore impressed.  As social climbers the Ilyich's would have wanted the best that they could afford and so the design for this would be much grander.

The heater pictured here is neoclassical however the swags and tails are fantastic and would echo the curtaining.

This pair of heaters are from the interior of a russian palace and much too grand but the repeated love of blue and white delft (?) ware is common in a lot of the pictures I have seen and this could be brought into the front room in a simpler design.

Here are the quick sketches I have done for the two heaters.

The first echoes the design of the plain heater above and as I mentioned could have a repeated motif on each tile.

The second is a more simplified design of those I have seen in the palaces and could incorporate a swag and tail design or the blue and white tiles as shown in the pictures above.

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