Thursday, 26 May 2011

Finishing Touches

The finishing touches came together in the last two days of the set build and really helped to create the correct feel.

Everyone had either bought or sourced nik naks from home and these were arranged on or in the furniture.  Pictures and mirrors were created and repaired to hang on walls and rugs covered the floors.

Repairing picture frames

I had brought in several frames from home and bought a few smaller ones from charity shops to use in the set.  A couple only needed a correct image in them to be used however two needed repair and two needed painting up.
Abbie painted my black framed mirror in gold and toned it down when dry by applying dark brown paint with a cloth.   She also Baroqued up another small plain wooden frame by sticking on swirls of string and painting the whole thing gold.
This is an old frame of mine that had been in the garden for a couple of years and had suffered as a consequence.  It had sections missing and the entire top section had drooped downwards.

I chopped off the top with a hacksaw, removing the bent section.

Next I rebacked it onto fresh ply, securing with a combination of a glue gun and panel pins.

I then built up missing areas in the frame by glue gunning small pieces of the removed original frame into the gaps gradually building it up to height.

This picture shows the reattached top with cherub.  Once the gaps were filled I used car body filler to smooth over the joins.  
 The finished effect prior to painting.

I painted the frame with two shades of gold and finally knocked the colour back with a black paint to age it in with the remainder of the frame.
The finished top.

Finally I took the frame to a local glazier who cut a mirror to go inside it.  This is the finished article on the wall of the set.  Almost too nice to go back into the garden!!

Dressing the Set

Although all the furniture was in place the set looked rather bare.  I bought a selection of false flowers and some real greenery and myself, Rhyan Eldon-Davies and Sarah Laker set about arranging displays to go around the room.

And did those feet in ancient times.........
Before dressing
And after

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