Monday, 23 May 2011

Designing the Set

In our initial group meetings we discussed the look of the set that we wanted to achieve based on the text and we sketched an initial floor plan.

To ensure that this would be achievable in the space we marked out the dimensions on the floor and placed chairs etc as markers for the furniture.

As a group we then split the furniture and walls up so we could each research an element and provide a rough sketch followed by a 1:25th scale autocad drawing.  My assigned research areas were curtains and Russian fireplaces (I have posted my research as seperate items).  Mood boards were prepared to show our ideas at the design meeting.


Once the autocad drawings had been completed the mext stage was to make white foam board scale models of the entire set.  Although we had scaled the autocad to mm on making the scaled model we converted the measurements to feet and inches as this is an industry standard - America only works in feet and inches.  After much scratching of heads we scaled the set to 1" = 1ft and positioned it as our initial sketches.

Living room


Study from doorway

This quickly showed that our rooms were overcrowded with furniture and too small, it also gave an interesting idea of what shots might be achieved once the set had been scaled up.

We then decided to make the rooms larger and alter the layout of the furniture, recessing the bookcase and losing the chimney in the study and gaining an extra 4ft in the living room.  The alignment of the rooms was also changed to give a better finished shot.
Final room layouts
As a group we decided that rather than split into two rooms we would all work on the construction of the set, the panelling and the floors, some items would be sourced from home or bought - further items were then divided according to interest or skill between everyone with every item having two people working on it to prevent faling behind in case of non attendance or sickness.  I was given the Russian fireplace and the doors, for both of which I was working with Callum Wigley.  Construction then began on the set. 

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